Mission statement: To assist the school in achieving the goals outlined in the campus improvement plan of providing high quality education, creating and promoting a positive climate and culture and progress monitoring of  school systems.

Goal 1: Increase student achievement

Objective: To support academic enrichment and enhancement opportunities for Students, Parents, Staff and Community


  1. Survey of teachers’ expectations of PTO and top wishlists of resources for academics and extracurriculars
  2. Supporting clubs and expanding extracurriculars.
  3. Fundraising to support wishlist

Goal 2: Create and promote positive climate and culture

Objective 1: To increase parent, teacher, staff, school leadership and community involvement in the school, create a sense of community, and awareness among all stakeholders.


  1. Organize regular PTO meetings in the form of carousel nights
  2. Organize social events throughout the year
  3. PTO and principal meet and greet- every quarter, across metroplex
  4. Organize Teacher appreciation events during Teacher appreciation week and little tokens throughout the year
  5. Increased communication through multiple channels with all stakeholders

Objective 2: To provide outreach to the community outside the school and build a support network

  1. Create an external advisory board: Friends of MAOH
  2. Volunteer hours required of parents- At least 5 hours/semester or $10/hour in kind or cash donation to PTO
  3. Organize community events such as cleanups, volunteering at animal shelters, children’s hospital