Eva Grajeda
SBDM Liaison
Jaya Soto
Teacher Liaison
Chris Cannon
Communications Chair
Mayra Gonzalez
Volunteer Liaison
Damaris Castillo
Yearbook Chair
Dottie Brashear
Teacher and Staff Appreciation Liaison
Erika Recinos
Room Parent Liaison
Alvaro Narvaez
Social Committee Chair

Below are the open slots for committees and committee chairs. Check out committee member/chair expectations here and sign up by filling PTO membership form.

We desperately need a Social Committee and Chair and a Community Outreach Committee and Chair.

  • PTO Secretary
  • Club Committee/Chairperson
  • Community Outreach Committee/Chairperson
  • Social Committee
  • Garden Committee/Chairperson
  • Membership Liaison
  • Communications Committee
  • Yearbook Committee
  • Merchandising Committee/Chairperson