Montessori method of education was devised by Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physicist and educator. In 1907, she started Casa dei Bambini—Italian for “Children’s House”, a child care center to provide education to the area’s most disadvantaged children. Upon observing the children’s natural desire to learn by engaging with their surroundings and materials, she devised the first classroom and method of teaching that is now eponymous.

The Montessori method of teaching focuses on children’s natural urge to learn through hands-on exploration of their surroundings and materials. The teacher is considered a trained guide, whose job is to guide the children towards learning through exploration.

At MAOH, we take pride in our Montessori classrooms and we hold dear our values of PRIDE:

Peace– behaviors free of conflict, learn how to balance emotions modeled through grace and courtesy lessons

Respect-showing respect for oneself, others and environment

Independence-helping the child to help himself, builds confidence

Diversity-connection to the world with an understanding of cultural traditions and values

Effort-intrinsic desire or inspiration to complete purposeful work, fosters perseverance